Custom Pet Portraits

**Thank you for your interest in a commission! My scratchboard commissions for wildlife and custom pet portraits are currently closed, but please feel free to contact me via email ( to be added to the wait list. Please read all of the details on pricing and how the commission process works below. Wait list times vary.**

Want a Picture of Your Pet Transformed


Into Scratchboard Art?

Whether you are looking for a great gift idea or want a portrait for yourself, let me help preserve the memories with a custom scratchboard pet portrait! All portraits are created on Ampersand museum series archival scratchboard panels, and coated with finishing layers of varnish to seal and protect – Ensuring that your cherished piece lasts a lifetime!

What is Scratchboard Art?

Scratchboard is a unique medium which is made of a wood panel, coated with a light layer of white clay, covered in black India Ink. The art is created by using tools such as X-ACTO knives, nibs, sandpaper, tattoo needles, and fiberglass brushes to etch away the black ink to reveal the white clay underneath. The art can be left as a dramatic image in black and white or artists can use transparent inks or paints to add vibrant color.

Custom Pet Portrait


Note: *Prices listed below are indicated for unframed single subjects in black & white. Add 30% for each additional subject and see ‘Framing’ section below for framing costs. Currently not offering full color portraits. If interested in splash of color (ex. eyes), please let me know on the inquiry form.

**Animals with scales or subjects with complex skin textures will come at an added cost. Inquire for quote.

Shipping Costs – Additional $20+ (varies on size and carrier charges)

  • Single Subject Only
  • Single Subject Only
  • One or Two Subjects
  • One, Two, or Three Subjects

How It Works


First, you will need to fill out the “Custom Portrait Inquiry Form”. Along with the form, please attach 3-4+ images of your pet that I can use as reference for the portrait. With scratchboard, having good reference photos is the most imperative part in me being able to create the best possible detailed portrait! In cases where I am not able to get a good quality photo, I will not be able to take on the commission. See the Reference Photo Guide for tips on how to obtain appropriate images.

Once I have reviewed your form, I will contact you back with confirmation that I have all of the information I need to start your portrait, or ask additional questions/discuss reference photos. I will also let you know how long can be expected to complete. If you do not hear back from me within 48 hours of submitting the inquiry form, please follow up by email or by messaging me on Instagram to ensure I received it. Please note that completion times vary – As I am working full-time, I can usually only take around 2 commissions a month.  I will let you know if I have a wait-list. Once it is your turn in queue, you can expect 1-2 weeks for completion of the artwork, and an additional 1-2 weeks for framing and shipping.

Once all the details of the commission are set, and I am ready to begin your portrait, I will request a non-refundable 50% deposit. You can either pay through Venmo or credit card. Once framing and shipping costs are finalized after the artwork is complete, I will send a request for remaining 50% installment.

Now your portrait can begin to come to life!

Drum roll. Once your portrait is complete, I will email you a picture of it for your review!

If you have opted to frame the piece yourself, it will move right on to being varnished (when the weather permits) and will be packaged up to send off after it dries (typically 2-3 days drying time)!


If you have requested that I frame the piece for you – At this stage, I will confirm how you would like to proceed with framing. 1. I can send you frame examples similar to the style you selected on the inquiry form. Or 2. You can let me know a particular frame you are interested in. Please see the ‘Framing’ section below for more details.

At this time I will request the remaining second installment payment (50% + Framing & Shipping) via Venmo or credit card, which must be received prior to shipping or hand-off.

If you are based in San Diego we can determine a meeting place for delivery/pick-up or if you are outside of San Diego and need it to be shipped, I will send you the tracking number once I send it off (typically I ship through USPS). Please note that I take great care in the packaging of shipping the artwork, but accidents do happen and I cannot take responsibility for any damages that may occur during shipment or if the package is lost. In the shipping costs, I include added carrier insurance to cover the full cost of the portrait in case there was ever an accident.

Reference Photo Guide

  • Included in your reference photos, I will need at least one detailed close up image of the face.

  • All images must be clear quality (not pixelated) – It is ideal to use a camera instead of a phone to get the best quality, but if you only have your phone, please be sure to zoom in once you take the photo to make sure the details are defined – Remember with scratchboard, I have to create every strand of fur!

  • I recommend taking your pet outdoors in natural daylight to capture the images, although try to avoid the direct sunlight as it can wash out the image.

  • It is also best if the pictures are taken at the same (eye) level as the subject, and not taken at a high or low angle.

  • Try using treats or toys to grab their attention!



Framing is an important part in preserving any artwork, but with scratchboard, there are several important aspects to handling with care and getting it framed. I will ensure that you have all of the information on how to frame it yourself, or I would be happy to frame the piece for you so it can be delivered to you ready to hang. I have all the tools and experience to ensure your piece is beautifully framed for the final touch.

IMPORTANT notes on framing:

  • Once the artwork is varnished, nothing (aside from glassine or parchment paper that I package unframed pieces in) should sit directly on top of the finished surface of the artwork as various kinds of packaging may melt or stick onto it. If you end up requesting to frame it yourself (not offered for size 16×20), I will package it in glassine or parchment paper where you can leave it until you have the frame ready to go.

  • Scratchboard is a delicate medium. Although I varnish finished work with several layers of a fixative, it only protects against minor knicks and scratches so if mishandled or dropped when you are trying to frame it, the artwork could be damaged.

  • Scratchboards are typically 1/8″ thick which can sometimes be too big to close with the backing boards of regular picture frames. In these cases you will need to secure the scratchboard to the frame (sometimes without the backing board) and screw in the appropriate size framing offsets. Then you can use d-rings to attach wire or use a sawtooth hanger for hanging the frame on the wall. Here is a video I created on How to Frame Your Art that you can follow.

  • If you request to frame it yourself, you cannot frame it behind glass unless you request the piece not be varnished. This is not recommended as varnish makes the scratchboard look professionally polished, and is the best form of archival protection. Varnish also helps cover up any fingerprints or unwanted markings that happen during creation.

So…How much does framing cost and how do I select a frame?

Framing typically costs between $40 – $150 depending on size of the artwork and frame selection. To select a frame, take a look at the mockups below, and when you fill out the “Custom Pet Portrait Inquiry Form”, you can let me know what general style of framing you like. When I confirm details of the commission with you, I can send you more frame options in that style or can wait until the piece is complete and you can let me know how you would like to go about framing at that time!

Example Mockups (make note of the numbers you like for the inquiry form)

1. Antique Black & Silver

2. Rustic Stone Grey

3. Slim Copper Wood
4. Slim Antiqued Silver
5. Espresso w/ Muted Gold

6. Beaded Antiqued Silver

7. Distressed Blue Wood

8. Satin Plain Black

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