About the Artist

Chelsea Paulus

Chelsea Paulus was born and raised in Chandler, Arizona and moved to San Diego in 2015 after backpacking around the world and living overseas. From a young age, Chelsea loved illustration and found passion in many art forms which has since, helped fuel her inspiration to create. With the desire to further her skillsets from illustration to realism and other styles, Chelsea has studied independently at the Art Academy of San Diego and the University of California San Diego Extension.

With her most passionate medium, Chelsea uses lighting techniques and tools to create powerful and dramatic works on scratchboard; creating the subjects as though they are emerging from or fading into dark. Her main subject focus is on animals which stems from her upmost love for the earth and the beauty animals bring to it, along with a profound passion for creating works of women with elements that further provoke their beauty and emotion.

Chelsea has shown her work through ArtWalk San Diego, Hanalei Artworks, Gallery 21, The Studio Door, Off Track Gallery, and will expand to other local galleries and exhibitions in the near future to showcase the unique medium and continue to pursue to her ambition as an artist – to ignite emotion in those who view her art.

Artist Statement

“As an artist, I find inspiration to create from many avenues, and with that has come the desire to explore different mediums as I have grown through my art career. I initially started out as a watercolor artist in which I developed a series of bright and vibrant wildlife pieces. This series has continued to bring fun and joy to the homes of my buyers. As I grew as an artist and made the transition to scratchboard the last few years, it has allowed me to fully express how I see so many forms of raw beauty in this world. Creating my subjects as though they are appearing from or fading into dark, it defines my purpose as an artist, which is not just to mirror the images I am creating from, but to ignite emotion in those who view it.”