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A passion for everything art

I am an evolving artist based in beautiful San Diego, California. While I am continuously exploring and developing my skill-set in different mediums, my deepest passion is in working on scratchboard with subject focus namely on pets, wildlife, and pretty faces. I hope my work inspires you in any way you may perceive it.

My scratchboard commissions for wildlife and custom pet portraits are currently closed, but please feel free to contact me via email to be added to the waitlist. Please visit the Pet Portrait page to read all of the details on pricing and how the commission process works. Wait list times vary.

Chelsea Paulus

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Mediums I create with…



I was introduced to scratchboard in an animal illustration class at UCSD and fell head over heels in love within the first few marks. It is a dramatic and unique medium that is still not very well known and these are partly what draws me so much into it. I love the ability to utilize the dark background and make subjects seem as though they are appearing through or fading into light.



In 2021 I started playing around with acrylic to give my wrist a break from scratchboard, and I am eager to continue learning this medium. Since scratchboard is black and white, and I don’t typically add much color,  acrylic is the perfect way for me to express the color urges that build up in my creative muse. Stay tuned for more!



Using my favorite water-based inks and watercolor paints to create these wildlife pieces allows me to have so much creativity. Through paint splatter, water drips, bright & vibrant colors, I can’t describe how much fun I truly have creating these. I also love studying the fine details of all the animals. It let’s me learn more about them and almost see them in a new way.

Ayna – Means “mirror” in Turkish.


My husband and I met in Turkey just like my grandparents did, and being part Turkish, I found this to be a unique way of branding my art. I feel that my purpose as an artist is to not only mirror the pictures I am creating from, but to also reflect emotions.

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